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Tenant Screening: How to Find Good Tenants – Littleton Property Management

At Assured Management, we are a personalized residential property management company successfully managing homes for rent in Lakewood, Colorado since 1987. Our mission is to provide quality property management services to both rental property owners and their tenants while managing single family homes in Lakewood and the west side of the Denver metro area. Today, we’re sharing tips and best practices as you screen, research, and try to find the best resident for your investment property.

Tenant Screening and Fair Housing

It is very important that you familiarize yourself with federal and state laws regarding fair housing. As you do your homework, be sure to use official government websites while researching both landlord and tenant rights, laws, and protections.

How to Find Good Tenants: Criminal Background Check and Credit History

The Assured Management team keeps up to date on fair housing laws and regulations by attending fair housing workshops and taking advantage of continuing education. There is no guarantee that after doing all you can to screen a prospective resident that they will be the perfect tenant. However, using tools like credit and criminal history reports, verifying income and background history, you’ll increase the likelihood of finding tenants who can take care of the rental home and afford to live there long term.

Technology and the Application Process

By staying up to date on the new technology, the management team at Assured Management is able to offer online rental applications. We can also easily run credit reports and verify rental history. We can access criminal history and verify reported income.

Additional Screening: Pet in Rental Property

Obtaining pet information before a new tenant moves in is very important. You need to know the pet’s breed, age, and size so you can determine if they are a good fit for your rental home. Check with your insurance agent before allowing dangerous breeds into your investment property. 

KarenIf you have any questions, contact us at Assured Management. We’d love to use our Littleton property management knowledge and experience to professionally and efficiently handle any issue, problem, or situation that may occur in your rental home. We look forward to talking to you.