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Why Work with Assured Management in Lakewood, CO

Assured Management is a personalized residential property management company successfully managing homes for rent in Lakewood, Colorado since 1987. Our mission is to provide quality property management services to both owners and their tenants for single family homes on the west side of the Denver metro area. Today, we’re telling you why you should hire us to manage your Lakewood property.

Property Management Lakewood: Time and Resources

Most people know that owning a Lakewood rental property can be a solid investment. It can also be a hassle. Imagine trying to juggle your career while also dealing with tenants who may be late paying the rent or who urgently need something repaired. Many years ago I met a man who owned a nice duplex and decided to self-manage it. George was determined to succeed, but he was a devoted family man with a career and a tax practice that he ran on nights and weekends. He knew the benefits of owning rental property and wanted to maximize his return on investment by managing and repairing the property on his own. We chatted on and off over time about rent collection, leases, and attorneys with eviction experience. A few years later I ran into him and asked him about the duplex. He said he sold that property because he was spending all of his free time fixing the property, collecting rent, listening to his Lakewood tenants complain, and cleaning up messes after they moved out. That’s not how he wanted to live his life. If George had hired the team at Assured Management, he could have enjoyed the benefits of owning a property without spending all his time doing it. Property values have increased dramatically since then.

Property Management Experience

We specialize in property management. It’s what we do. Every day, we handle rent collection, tenant move in, tenant move out, application processing, security deposit accounting, and less common issues like evictions and property damage. By staying up to date on the latest technology, we’re able to provide a website that allows access to tools that benefit both owners and tenants. You’ll get online rent payments and deposits as well as an online maintenance call center. You can find photos and detailed property condition reports so you can budget and plan for maintenance. With our preventative maintenance program, we take care of little problems before they become big issues. Expensive maintenance surprises have almost been eliminated.

Renting Lakewood Property: Market Knowledge

We know market trends and outlooks and can provide rental rate advice when it’s time to put together a lease renewal package or market a vacant property. Our leasing Susanagents are licensed real estate brokers and members of the National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM) and the NationalAssociation of Realtors (NAR). These organizations offer education and networking to keep us up to date on laws and legislation pertaining to investment property.

Please let us use our knowledge and experience to professionally and successfully manage your home. You can contact us at Assured Management with any questions you have about our services or Lakewood property management.