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Tips and Best Practices for Rental Property Inspections in Littleton, CO

At Assured Management, we are a personalized residential property management company successfully managing homes for rent in Lakewood, Colorado since 1987. Our mission is to provide quality property management services to both rental property owners and their tenants while managing single family homes in Lakewood and the west side of the Denver metro area. Today, we’re talking about tips and best practices for rental property inspections.

Inspect with a Maintenance Survey

An official rental property inspection should be done by a qualified property inspector. However, a properly done maintenance survey is less expensive and will give property owners some valuable information. This tool will help you prioritize maintenance planning and future updates. You can also monitor the tenant’s care of the home and address any lease violations.

Rental Inspection Checklist and Maintenance Reports

We work with savvy property owners whose feedback was used to create our maintenance report. This report is a record of the current condition of the rental home as well as the age of vital systems like roofs, water heaters, and furnaces. Preventative maintenance of these systems is key to extending the usefulness of their lives. An experienced property manager surveying a rental property can spot water where it shouldn’t be. Problems can develop under sinks and showers, around toilet bases, and in lawn watering systems from loose or missing shingles, damaged missing, or clogged gutters, or clogged sewer systems. By catching these problems early, you will experience lower repair costs.

Advise and Inspect: Addressing Maintenance Concerns

A rental property is a tenant’s home, and advance notice should be given prior to any inspection or maintenance survey. A professional property manager will not only provide advance notice, but will calmly and politely address any maintenance concerns a tenant may have.

Tenants can damage a rental home willfully or by not knowing what needs to be done to prevent damage. We work closely with tenants to help them learn how to avoid damage to the home. Rental property owners can face loss of income if updates or repairs are done between tenants while the property is vacant. Our owners use the maintenance survey to plan for updates and repairs to be Christinacompleted while the property is occupied and the rent is being paid each month. This report is also used to set up a preventative maintenance schedule as well as plan for the optimal time to complete important updates or repairs. The maintenance report is most valuable when used to avoid costly emergency repairs.

If you have any questions or you’d like to take advantage of our knowledge and resources, please contact us at Assured Management. We’d be happy to help you with a rental inspection or anything pertaining to Littleton property management.