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Tips on How to Prepare Your Lakewood Rental Property for New Tenants

At Assured Management, we have been successfully managing homes for rent in Lakewood, Colorado since 1987. Our mission is to provide quality property management services to rental property owners and their tenants while managing single family homes in Golden, Wheat Ridge, and the west side of the Denver metro area. We’re talking about how to prepare your rental home for new Lakewood tenants.  

Renting Lakewood Property: What to Do

Landlords can have many questions when it’s time to prepare a rental property and get it ready for new tenants. The kitchen and bathroom may be older, and they might think about remodeling those rooms. If pets are going to be allowed, it might seem sensible to leave a carpet that is smelly and stained. Landlords often ask if they should remove drapes and install blinds. Most of the time, total remodeling is not necessary.  

Property Management Lakewood: Cleaning and Updating 

It’s always a good idea to repaint or touch up the walls so the property will look its best and show well while vacant. You want to make it easier for prospective tenants to visualize living in the home. Have the carpets cleaned professionally. If the carpet is damaged, stained, or smelly, it should be replaced. For window coverings, you want neutral, functioning blinds on all windows. Updated appliances are also good in the kitchen. Have the home professionally cleaned. No one wants to move in and clean up a mess that someone else left behind.  

Lakewood Rental Property: Safety and Compliance 

All exterior doors need functioning deadbolt locks and all windows should open, close, and lock freely. Colorado law requires working carbon monoxide and smoke detectors. Fire extinguishers may be required, so check with your city or county. If your property is in an HOA, there may be additional requirements. 

The management team at Assured Management has experience dealing with all the details of tenant move in and making your property ready. We’ll walk Susanthrough and create detailed records of the move in condition. We know how to simplify a potentially stressful situation. Once your tenant has moved in, our maintenance team will set up a schedule of preventative maintenance so minor problems do not become expensive emergency calls later. We can help owners plan for future upgrades like deck refinishing, heating and cooling maintenance, and shrub and tree trimming. 

If you’d like to hear more about Lakewood property management, we’d be happy to talk to you more and answer any questions you may have. Please contact us at Assured Management.